The Most Common Reason The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work

I once had a friend who was an almost religious advocate of the power of mind over matter - our ability to consciously create, alter and manifest the reality around us. She had studied countless metaphysical techniques and modalities, and in the process had healed herself of a serious illness - an experience that fuelled her evangelical enthusiasm for all things law of attraction.

Despite her dedication, discipline and occasional results, however, she would often confide to me her frustration. "I just don't get it," she would say, "I'm doing everything right, but it feels like nothing is changing - like life is actually laughing in my face and throwing more dysfunction into my world."

She had followed all of the usual new age prescriptions: the vision boards, the visualizations, the meditations, the carefully crafted affirmations, the energy work, the extirpation of 'negative' impulses. And yet none of it was bearing any fruit - in fact her reality more often than not directly contradicted all of her affirmations and visualizations. Something wasn't working.

The Missing Ingredient: Alignment to Truth

It was easy for me to see where her blind spot most likely was - mainly because it was the fundamental emphasis of my entire spiritual education: She wasn't living in alignment with her truth (or, said another way, with her soul's most basic needs). In fact, she was fully immersed in a toxic relationship that had been crushing her for decades. Without addressing that first, her energy would remain out of whack at a fundamental level, and by extension her external world would, too. 

This is the most basic principle underscoring our ability to consciously shape the world around us, and yet for some reason it is often absent from the popular books and teachings on this subject. I can only guess that one of the reasons for this is that it is not as simple as the popular approach. If all we had to do was visualize, set intentions, banish our negative thoughts and the other usual new age prescriptions for quick and easy abundance, this whole manifestation thing would be a walk in the park. The reality, however, usually has much more nuance.

Unless we are living in alignment with our core energy, it doesn't matter if we tattoo our intentions to our foreheads - our energy and power will be compromised. No thought-tricks can circumvent that. When we choose to listen and respond to our soul's needs, however, that changes, and as our energy gets stronger, so does our ability to manifest the things we want (or, more accurately, the things our soul wants).

There is a challenge and a beauty to this: stepping into our truth usually demands that we make choices and do things that we are afraid of - or, in other words, it requires us to grow

For my friend, this meant leaving a long standing toxic relationship (that she both depended on financially and was crushed by emotionally). For someone else, it might simply mean eating better, or having stronger interpersonal boundaries. As my teacher once put it: "There is no program for truth." We're all in different places, with different needs and different lessons.

It is up to each of us as individuals to listen to our own guidance, to find the right support from mentors, teachers or books, and surround ourselves with people who truly support us on this journey.

When we choose to align with our truth is when things get really exciting.

About the Author:

My name is Miles Olsen and I'm a facilitator that helps people get into alignment with their soul, through conscious relationship work, emotional work, shadow integration and much more.

I am passionate about this work because when we align with our souls, pure magic happens. I know of nothing more beautiful or exciting.