How To Make Synchronicity Water: A Story & Technique

Last summer I poured myself a glass of water and decided to try something different that I'd heard about:

I held my hands above the cup of liquid (which was simple, unadorned filtered tap water), closed my eyes, and started to imagine energy beaming out of the centres of my palms and into the water. I breathed into my heart as I visualized and felt the energy of money, joy, and material flow both inside me, and flowing through my palms, infusing my water with its essence the way a bag of tea would.

Except this was a lot more interesting than most tea - it was a flavourless, odourless alchemical infusion.

After probably a minute or two, I felt satisfied with my creation and drank it - imagining, feeling and visualizing the wonderful energy it contained travelling down my throat, into my belly, and permeating my entire being.

“That was pretty good” I thought, and went on with my day.

Later that afternoon I went to the river, where I sat and processed some frustration and angst that had come up with regards to a recent event, then headed home on my bike, feeling better.

I live at the top of a very steep hill, and as I was biking up it my pace slowed to a crawl. That’s when I spotted, through the corner of my eye, a twenty dollar bill lying on the curb.

I stopped to pick it up, excited, and carried on for just a moment, when I found another. And then another. And another. And another.

By now I was walking up the hill hunched over, my bike in one hand, a growing handful of bills in the other, in complete awe as I gathered money from the ground the way one gathers apples strewn beneath a tree.

By the time I got to the top of the hill, I had collected $120, two unused lottery tickets and a $100 Costco gift certificate. And a wide eyed, goofy grin.

I figured I’d better go and check the hill for anything I’d missed before going home, and as I did a taxi pulled over across the road.

The driver asked me: “Is this your wallet here?” Pointing to a wallet lying on the opposite side of the road I had not seen. It was not my wallet, but the story of where all this money had come from was about to come together. 

I picked up the wallet, and with a little detective work it was obvious that all my booty had originated in it. It was clear to me that I had to contact the owner and return it all.

There was a part of me that wasn’t too thrilled about this - letting go of the gift it thought it had just been given - but I assured it: “If this money is yours, it will come back to you. And if this is a synchronicity (which it is), then enjoy the fact that it showed up for you, and trust that more is on the way.”

The owner was very grateful to have their collection of credit cards returned safely, and we had a nice interaction. They gave me a bottle of wine. I don't drink, but the gesture was nice.

Even though I did not keep that money, I felt very strongly that it showing up in the way it did was significant.

Later on that evening, I remembered the water I’d drank, and connecting the dots was somewhat of a revelation.

As you can imagine, I decided to do some further experimentation with my intention infusions. And, as it would turn out, in the following three weeks I made more money than I had in the past several months combined. I had one day where my single day income was greater than I had ever previously experienced.

Was all of this due to infusing my water with very loving, focused, "wealthy" energy and intent?

It’s kind of impossible to say definitively.

However, I believe it was a combination of factors, and that this was part of it.

I was also doing some serious inner work at the time (even before I initially found that money on the hillside, you might recall me mentioning I had done some emotional processing work at the river). I think that this played a supporting role - my heart was open and my emotions were flowing (rather than stagnating in me). These are key ingredients.

I sometimes roll my eyes at over-simplified approaches to the law of attraction - approaches that suggest our surface thoughts determine our reality, but neglect the role of our unconscious, our shadow, our blocks and wounds.

Having said that, I am very confident that when we work on healing those wounds and integrating our unconscious patterns, stepping into alignment both on the inside and outside (through cultivating healthy relationships, for example), our ability to manifest grows massively.

Beginner’s Luck/The Power Of New

I think this story demonstrates what is sometimes called beginner’s luck, but what I prefer to call The Power Of New

Yes, you read that correctly, the power of new.

When something is totally new, we tend to not have huge expectations or cling to an outcome with regards to it. We tend to be more capable of staying in the present - the now - and letting the chips fall where they may. No big illusions have been built up - yet.

In this case, I actually forgot about my water ritual, I was so detached from any expectation around it.

This is perfect, because when we cling to an expectation, our energy gets tense and constricted, we go into a state of scarcity, our heart closes, and energetically we close ourselves off from flow.

As I continued to practice these water infusions, I noticed this dynamic within myself - I developed a clinging feeling and was running fear programs, because I'd had certain results and wanted to replicate them - but luckily I was able to recognize and stop to process and shift this numerous times.

I share this simply to express how important it is not to cling to any outcome, but to just have some fun, keep it light, and let go as soon as you’ve drank your water.

Or, in other words, tap into the power of new (which is of course the power of now - of being present). Keep that beginner’s mind attitude of having fun, setting a clear and powerful intention, and then letting it go to be taken care of.

Make That Water Shine

So, what are you waiting for? 

All you need to make Synchronicity water of your own is some water and your beautiful mind and heart to fill it with an intention and energy of your choosing.

As I mentioned above, if your inner world is in disarray, you might want to do some housekeeping to strengthen the likelihood of fruitful results. That’s kind of a good idea for all of us, all of the time though. If this provides some incentive or direction in that, all the better.

To make your own: Fill that water with good, fun, joyful energy, feelings and/or images in whatever way suits you. The most important thing is not that you follow any protocol, but that you engage your senses deeply, feel good and enjoy yourself in the process, and then let go.

I like to close my eyes and hover my hands just above my cup. I breathe into my heart and build a strong energy there, then start sending that energy into the water, along with images that either match the energy and that I would like to fill my water with.

If you struggle to build that strong heart energy, you can try to imagine things, people or places that you are deeply grateful for.

If I get really into it, I might start smiling, laughing, or crying because the energy I am running is so pure, so loving, so beautiful. At that point I've already kind of won a prize for my efforts.

Then drink - and really let yourself feel that energy moving into and through you. And, finally, let go.

Oh, and if you do try this, or have tried something similar, and have any interesting results, I obviously want to hear about them! Comment down below or send me a message to share!