The following are some of the core principles that influence my work: 

Truth is fundamental. To the extent that you are aligned with your core truth, your reality will reflect abundance, health, grace and flow. To the extent that you are living out of alignment with your soul, or truth, your energy will become distorted – along with your external world.

Truth is subjective. No two souls have exactly the same path, and so what is in alignment or in truth for one person and another can, and often does, vary considerably. Learning the language of your own soul helps you to understand, through direct experience, what is in alignment for you. There is no dogma or ideology that can do this for you.

Reality arises from consciousness. Everything in your external reality is a reflection of your internal state of being. You’ve heard this before though, right? The pop-culture presentation of the law of attraction says something very similar to this, which is that your thoughts create your reality. This is misleading and often more false than true. When I say that reality arises from consciousness, the consciousness I am referring to is something much greater than the surface thoughts going on in the sliver of your being that is the rational mind. Shifting consciousness at the core usually involves something more substantial than changing our surface thoughts.

Consciousness is the net total of your being. The totality of our being is a system of energy/consciousness that is extremely dynamic and sensitive. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, either raises or lowers our energy - either resonates or misaligns with our soul's needs. We’re like energetic sponges in this way. Relationships, choices, activities, events, jobs – every thing in our lives carries an energy which has an effect on us. Because of this, to shift our energy at the core usually requires changes to real life situations. It also requires excavating and processing the imprints and wounds that past experiences have left in us through deep inner work.

Shadow Work Is Vital. We have each learned, in our own way, to disown and distance ourselves from certain parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable, that we are ashamed of, or that have not been accepted in the past. These aspects of our being do not lay idle within us - they often end up invisibly controlling our behavior and erupting in toxic, compulsive ways. In order to embody and live our truth, we must own and integrate all parts of ourselves, including those that we've learned to hide from. This is the most profound, healing, difficult and beautiful aspect of healing: our capacity to experience light and love grows in direct proportion with our capacity to experience and work with our wounds and shadow. 

Empathy and intuition are universal, and they grow with use. Your physical body, emotions and intuitive faculties are brilliant instruments, finely attuned to truth. By studying your own emotional and energetic landscape in depth, you can learn to distinguish intuitive hits from ego driven impulses (truth vs non-truth), and learn, in an incredibly practical, grounded way, to trust and honor the genius of your soul. Real intuition and empathy are not a 'soft' skills -  they are the most practical, grounded and powerful forces that we have access to.

Separation is an illusion. There is no separation between you and the true nature of reality. What this means is that the creative force behind the construction of the world is you. I mean this very literally; reality bends and shifts to match your core energy. Most people aren’t conscious of their creative power (yet).

We are here to evolve. The nature of life is expansion, learning and growth.