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My name is Miles, I'm passionate about exploring and helping others understand the brilliance and power of their own emotions and soul.

Each of us is constantly being guided by our intuition, emotions, and life events in profound ways. Most of us, however, go through our lives with no awareness of these beckonings - no idea that our bodies, lives and feelings are brimming with information and intelligence.

When we make choices that align with our core energy, previously insurmountable obstacles transform, be they of a physical, emotional, relational or material nature. 

And on the flip side, when we betray our core energy with our life choices, the opposite is true: our outer lives reflect chaos, conflict and disease. 

Because most of us have learned how to ignore or disconnect from our core essence, having the right guidance, tools and support in this area can be completely life changing.

My main topics of focus here are conscious relationship, emotional intelligence, inner work, the development of intuition, somatic and energetic awareness. I don't believe any of use came here to simply repeat the same mistakes as our forefathers - this website and the content here is dedicated to creating new, life giving, beautiful patterns of truth, power and integrity.

I'm glad you're here, please take a look around!


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