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Welcome friends, my name is Miles and I am a highly sensitive person who has learned over many years how to unlock the power of that gift. I believe that we are all naturally endowed with energetic, emotional and empathic intelligence far beyond what we've been socialized to accept. These capacities, when dusted off and reawakened, are our compass - they are the truth that we can live by, the core of us that contains our purpose, our light, our strength and our soul.

I help others reconnect with this brilliance in my one on one work as a facilitator, and I also write about aspects of it (from inner work to conscious dating) here on my blog.

My hope is to help you reconnect with the miracle inside of you (that is the essence of you), and hold it in a powerful, grounded way in this world. I'm very happy that you're here.

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Hi, my name is Miles. I write about, teach people about, and am constantly steeping myself in the process of emotional healing, the transformational power of relationship, and the extraordinary connection between our energy and our physical reality.

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