I've had a passion my whole life to connect with what is the most real, true and alive.

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I spent the better part of a decade living in a hand built cabin, off the grid in the backwoods of Vancouver Island, Canada, in hopes of fulfilling this urge through intimacy with wild nature.

Although I found a level of peace, simplicity and true connection to the land through my years in the woods, I still had many major questions unanswered; the yearning for truth, for connection and understanding that led me to nature was still as strong as ever.

Then everything changed.

A very gifted teacher entered my world who, over the course of the following several years, effectively smashed every idea I had previously held about my self, life and reality into oblivion. My mind and heart were cracked open to profound new levels of perception. I witnessed/experienced within the fabric of my own life how the perfection I had previously gone to find in nature was working behind the scenes of everything in my reality, all the time. I found myself in an amazing apprenticeship of sorts, learning how to understand, align to and express the life force from this very gifted teacher.

With the gateway of consciousness flung open, my life was completely transformed, and what began as a couple of healing sessions transformed into a full time apprenticeship over the following four years.

Over and over, my teacher showed me with absolute precision how I was creating events in my reality – how certain decisions or actions in one area of my life would set into motion a synchronized movement across the entire stage of my world, for better or worse. At first I completely dismissed his ideas and advice as difficult to believe, but over time I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing: he repeatedly predicted, with astonishing accuracy, exactly what was going to happen in my life. When I misaligned from my core energy, my external world went insane: I got hit by cars, my house got bulldozed (I’m serious) – and, conversely, when I did my work, responded to the directive of my soul and aligned with my truth, I experienced flow and abundance in ways I hadn’t even imagined previously. I got book deals (publishing two books about my life on the land), attracted beautiful relationships (in one instance even having a full conversation with a future partner before I met them – after which my teacher predicted the exact day she would appear in my life), traveled to speak internationally about my time living in the woods and much more.

After completing a five-year internship with my teacher, I began offering one-on-one work myself – supporting others and sharing the incredible tools and awareness that I have been blessed with. Taking on clients and being in service to them is easily one of the most profound and life changing things I have ever done. This work is so incredibly vital - I can think of nothing more sacred or important. It has opened my heart and transformed my life in profound ways forever. I know it has the power to do the same for you.

Want to know more? Take a look at my sessions page, find out what some of the foundations of this work are, or get directly in contact with me.