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Hi, my name is Miles. I'm a thirty three year old guy who lives in North Vancouver, Canada. I write about, teach people about, and am constantly steeping myself within the process of emotional healing, the transformational power of relationship, and the extraordinary connection between our energy, heart and soul, and our physical reality. 

When I was a child, I was extremely sensitive - but like many of us, I learned very early on that being this way was not always accepted or safe. Actually, I learned that a lot of the time complete honesty about my feelings could get me into a lot of trouble, in a lot of ways. And so - again, like so many of us do - I learned to bury my sensitivity, my empathy, my intuitive nature, and protect myself with strong emotional armouring.

I got so good at this, in fact, that eventually I forgot I was doing it. It was like I pretended to have an accent for so long that I became the accent. Except this accent involved disowning the most essential, vital and powerful aspects of my being.

Kind of a big deal.

Because of this, I grew up with a constant internal struggle - a yearning for more light, for a place to just be me, a place that made sense.

As a teenager, I found that in the forests and wild places around the town I grew up in. They were my refuge - the one place I could go and feel like I was safe to just be, and where I felt like I was in the real world - the beautiful, ecstatic world that my heart knew was real. 

Eventually I spent nearly a decade living off the grid in the rainforests of Vancouver Island, building cabins with a group of like-minded individuals, in an effort to immerse myself in that peace and realness.

I learned a lot over those years, but as time went on, I also recognized that something was still off. I didn't know why, but the feeling of conflict, restlessness or misalignment I'd thought I would cure through immersion in nature, it actually grew louder and stronger in the isolation of the forest.

In my mid twenties, I met a teacher who completely blew the lid off of my worldview. He penetrated my emotional armouring and showed me the anger, pain, resentment and shame that I had been hiding within myself all these years. He showed me how these wounds had permeated my entire view of the world, my relationships, everything. And, most importantly, he showed me how healing it was to own these parts of myself.

He also showed me how completely intertwined my internal, energetic state was with my external world. For example, I was in a toxic relationship at the time, and he predicted accurately that I would be hit by a car if I remained in it (I was).

I was also an aspiring author at the time, and he predicted that I would be published by the first publisher I contacted about a book I was working on (which I was). He was able to see this without knowing if I could write, what my book was about, or any other rudimentary details.

All of this was possible because of his hyper-empathy: He could see, feel, and sense exactly what my energy was doing in subtle ways, and then accurately see how that would play out in physical reality - to the point of having specific timelines. His level of accuracy and groundedness in this regard was completely mind blowing to me.

I spent seven years studying intensively with this teacher, learning about the nature of synchronicity, developing empathic skills, working with shadow, and exploring the fertile ground of conscious relationship.

This was both a therapeutic journey, and an apprenticeship under a skilled guide; I was learning about healing, empathy and creative power through my own process, not through the abstract study of a modality or philosophy.

This was incredibly powerful, terrifying and challenging - exactly what I needed to shatter my defences and re-enter my emotional body, or really, my soul.

Over the years I witnessed my teacher work with countless others, and eventually was encouraged to begin facilitating for others myself - something that has been far more profound that I could have imagined.

Today, I am very much a man in process. I've learned that the most powerful thing I can do is not to hide my wounds or my feelings, but to wear them as a badge of honour. To find strength and power in humility and heart, rather than hiding behind a facade or armouring.

I have realized that my own journey of closing off, then reconnecting to the heart - of navigating and working with intense wounding and shadow, of reconnecting with light and breaking generations old patterns that are dysfunctional and disconnected from truth - this is a journey that much of the world is on, in different ways and at different paces. It's an extraordinary gift to be able to hold some light for others walking such a beautiful path.

I hope you'll find some ideas, tools and support here relating to your own ongoing journey of healing and growth.

I'm very happy that you're here,


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