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My name is Miles, I am a writer, facilitator, educator and passionate explorer of the process of reconnecting to the emotional body and heart, harnessing the power of vulnerability and transforming our deep wounds into gifts through the arts of inner work and conscious relationship.

My search for a more authentic and sacred way of being in the world began in earnest when I was about seventeen years old. At that time I entered a phase of turning to solitude in nature as a kind of spiritual refuge. I spent many years living a back to the land lifestyle, at some times in isolation, and at others in intensely communal living situations with like minded individuals.

During this time there were moments of bliss (mostly while I was alone in nature), but my ability to hold that state in any human relationship or the world at large was woefully underdeveloped. If you put me alone and surrounded by natural beauty for long enough, my heart would eventually start to open and my energy would expand, but if you put me with anyone else or in the ‘real’ world, it wouldn’t take long for that openness to collapse in on itself like a house of cards in the wind. Over time, it became clear to me that I needed to look in new places for direction.

In my mid-twenties, as this existential crisis was hitting its peak, a very gifted teacher entered my life and changed its course dramatically.

I was introduced to this man through a close friend. His name was Kevin Hodgson, and he was what is commonly referred to as hyper empathic - capable of seeing, sensing, feeling and interpreting the energy of individuals with an astonishing level of acuity. When I said one thing, he would feel my energy saying another, and call me out on the disparity between the two. This was both unsettling (the feeling of being naked and exposed to someone) and extremely compelling (the feeling of being truly seen by someone).

Beyond his perceptive ability, Kevin also held an entire cosmology of conscious relationship, emotional processing, shadow integration and physical reality unlike anything I had encountered. Shortly after meeting him, I found myself in the throes of an unexpected, informal and all consuming apprenticeship with a man who I consider very seriously to have been a true genius.

Over the following eight years, I was schooled in high arts of honesty, vulnerability, shadow integration and inner work with a level of intensity, depth and immersion that was truly harrowing.

I often called my mentor “The Truth”, because of his commitment to Truth as the fundamental guiding principle for any individual, relationship, and reality itself. Through my learning with him, I was able to reconnect with my emotional body, develop an intimate relationship with my feelings, my inner child, and the more vicious, hateful and angry parts of myself as well.

As time went on, Kevin encouraged me to begin holding space for others in the way he’d been teaching me (and I’d begun already doing for myself and friends). Eventually I was able to hold space even for him in his own deep inner work (something I learned in this dynamic was that even the most gifted, advanced individuals are still in process).

Today I am a man that is deep in the process of opening, immersed in the amazning journey of reclaiming the disowned or hurt aspects of myself, learning in a very grounded way the art of holding truth and love on this wild playground called Earth at new levels all the time.

It’s this ongoing process that informs the work I do with individuals as a facilitator and fuels my work as a writer. I believe that my opening can help you with yours, and I know that yours can help many, many others, as you touch them with your truth.

Life really is such an amazing thing if we listen to what we’re feeling, understand, honour and embody the truth that’s there.

Want to know more? Take a look at my sessions page, find out what some of the foundations of this work are, or get directly in contact with me.