The work I do with individuals is mentorship focusing on the areas of Conscious Relationship, Emotional Integration and Shadow work.

The core emphasis of my work is truth: Our capacity for honesty and our alignment with our own personal truth define our capacity for intimacy and fulfilment in life. I love helping others uncover where they are out of alignment with their truth, where they have a blind spot or obstacle to learn from or grow through, so that they can receive the love and beauty that awaits them.

A major part of this often involves Shadow Work - the process of owning and reclaiming the parts of us that we have buried, disowned or rejected. By reclaiming these parts of ourselves, we can evolve our deepest wounds from unconscious liabilities into profound gifts. Through the deep integration of our shame, fear, competitiveness and other "bad" qualities, we often discover the most profound transformation.

I'm here to hold the bigger picture for you when you can't quite see it, to hold light for you in the places you need it - until you can hold it for yourself.

I will help you develop the skills and awareness to continue the work we begin together after our session.

Sessions are currently done via phone or Skype, and are one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

To Book A Session:

Visit my Contact page and send me a message - I'll get back to you with scheduling info as soon as possible.

Rates (CAD):

One hour session - 125.00$ Click here to pay now

Book four sessions, get a fifth session free - 500.00$ Click here to pay now

Payment Information:

Payment can be made electronically via email bank transfer (within Canada), and through PayPal or credit card (no PayPal account is required). 

*Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable