One-on-one work is mentorship focused on helping you develop in the areas of emotional integration, conscious relationship and shadow work. My aim is to support you in reconnecting to and embodying your authentic self in an ever deeper way. There’s nothing more beautiful or powerful than a person opening up to the fullness of their feeling self, reclaiming the disowned aspects of their being and learning to hold them in this world in a healthy, healing way.

I offer single sessions, as well as a month long mentorship package in which we have an hour long session once every week, as well as weekly email check ins. Having ongoing support in this way allows the work to really make an impact.

Sessions are currently done via phone or Skype, and are one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

If you are curious and would like to speak about working together, I’d be happy to set up a time for us have a brief introductory chat.

To book a session or find out more:

Head over to my Contact page and send me a message.